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Home Bars

Bespoke bars in any size and shape to suit you.


We are a County Durham based company specialising in all things home bar related from the professional handcrafted bar to installation and fitting of kegs - we can fit the pipe work around your own bar if you prefer alternatively we can do the whole job from start to finish and customise to your measurements and design.


Below is a selection of home bars we have completed recently and as you can see our customer are over the moon with them. Extras such as lights, handrails, foot rails, bar signs, and even speaker are available.

Why would you use us?

  • All our bars are made to your unique specifications to make sure they fit in around your home.

  • We offer a multitude of different design to suit your needs.

  • We don't just supply the bar, we also supply all the equipment need to have you up and running within the day.

  • We supply gas/ couplers/ kegs all ready to pour

  • We have a friendly and welcoming team should you wish to visit us at our shop,( Just a Tipple, Based in Crook, County Durham)

  • Our bars are at the very best possible price for there specification.

  • All our bars are fully installed by a qualified technician.

  • We have been in business for 5 plus years 


Safety first, we have a professional technician to ensure the gas/ pipe/ connection is all complete to safety spec etc meaning you are ready to pour your first pint from the start, just remember to order your keg and away you go.


The Newberg, full install from £1,360 - Bar only from £760

Mark Ward Bar from Just a Tipple.jpg
Mark Ward Bar.jpg
Mark Ward Looking in detail.jpg

The Dolce, full install from £1,099 - Bar only from £599

The Dolce Bar.jpg
dOLCE bAR 2.jpg
Dolce Bar 1.jpg

The Prestige, full install from £1,850 - Bar only from £1,100

Concord Bar.jpg
Concord 2 bar.jpg
Concord 3 Bar.jpg

The Q7 Bar, full install from £1,500 - Bar only from £850

Q7 BAR.jpg
Q7 3.jpg

The Imperial, full install from £1,950 - Bar only from £1250

Imperial 2.jpg
Imperial 1.jpg
Imeprial 3.jpg

The Q4 Bar, full install from £1,550 - Bar only from £750

tHE q4 2.jpg
The Q4 1.jpg

The JD Bar, full Install from £750 - Bar from only £300

Mc Alpine Shelves - from £50

JD BAR 2.jpg
JD BAR 1.jpg
Mc Alpine 17 shelves.jpg

The Toronto 2.0 Bar, full install from £750 - Bar only £300


The Toronto Bar full install from £750 - Bar only from £300

The McAlpine 18, full install from £1,500 - Bar from only £700

Toronto Plain.jpg
Toronto and Owner.jpg
The Mc Alpine 17 Bar.jpg

The Landlord, full install from £800

JD 1.0 Bar, full install from £750

The Toronto 2.0, full install from £750

The Landlord 1.jpg
Plain JD BAR.jpg
Toronto with rail and light.jpg
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